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23NOV2017 update

Saving The Planetis a Major personal Objective. It’s a key websites. Intended to be more than a glib phrase for politicians, if we fail to replace or repair faulty systems and/or human actions VERY SOON, the consequences of that failure may make life untenable for its many creatures, including humankind.

Assigning blame to others - foreignersthe rich and greedy – Atheists – religiots - other gender or age group does not solve the many problem(s) which we ALL contribute to.

Not everyone is Aware that the planet needs saving. And prefer to think “it is not my problem” - but it is, it needs doing, and can be done

Not everyone cares, Not everyone is aware that If we fail to change our actions (below) then we WILL lose the planet’s ability to support so many people, and Many people will “no longer be able to live” . This is already so.... We CAN and we SHOULD do something about this, whilst we still can. It is NOT S.E.P. (Somebody Else's Problem).

The right attitude is “If It's To Be, It's Up To Me”

** (If you Don’t believe that. Try saying that aloud a few times **.

Problem #1 - Global Overpopulationmade possible by over exploitation of Earth's “mine-able” fuel resources at one million times their deposition rate. MODERN Parents (since 2005) MODERN Parents have a Greedy desire for the power and privilege of creating and owning (globally) unwanted children …. As personal INVESTMENTS - to own and control these children (subsidised by ALL other people) that will exclusively or favourably serve these parents as the parents grow old” …. “as the children owe them love”

If the world is to have a better caring LESS EXCESSIVE human population then a system of Birth Permits is as important as Driving Permits are, to reducing collective danger from unskilled, careless drivers. We ARE ALREADY TOO LATE to feed and provide for even our present number of humans. The other problems are handleable, if we care. See – There should be close to zero unlicensed private ownership of children. They are not pets or toys to be treated roughly, in private, they should be rarer and more valuable, lesser numbers, looked after better. With enough space and opportunity to grow in. cared for as that asset, not that burden… or slave, or even pet….. more Overpopulation

Problem #2 - Pollution of Low Earth Orbits – an easy” to ignore problem, We are “walling ourselves in” with hyper-velocity space junk INCLUDING Uranium and Plutonium “power sources” and the massive debris from their collisions, which will continue to orbit (or collide) for many centuries if not removed.

Problem #3 - “Global climate change” - The most published problem - Often cited as “the” problem. It isn't, it's third - Blamed mainly on humans mining and burning offossil” fuels (at one million times their deposition rate). We need to hugely reduce our burning of coal and high carbon fuels. There are now good alternatives, but “continued employment” and Capitalists R.O.I. stops the needed close-downs.

Power can be obtained in ways other than FOSSIL FUEL BURNING - at lower cost to our future, and in our future. Avoiding The lost jobs” (personal and national income) is not as important as reducing the damage. We should not be paying people to do damage.

Problem #4 - Land, Sea and air pollution . most of planet Earth is sea, so most pollutants end up in the sea.

Producing “single use” shoddy articles – particularly of plastic, but also metal, glass, oils and gasses – all containers should be economically “worth returning” … The cost of removing “zero value, throw-away products” should be borne by the manufacturer.

Problem #5 - Environmental loss, damage and monopolization

That we humans (particularly capitalist and national “investors”) take over” all environs from other humans and animals. This impoverishes both the present and the future for all other humans, animals, plants and environs

Problem #6 - Starving People

Earth has 7.1Bn people, (2017) but more than 1Bn of them are undernourished, starving and/or dying,... yet MODERN “Mothers” and “Fathers” GREEDILY add/”dump” more kids onto this crowded earth, to inflate their own mean and uncaring egos …. and get commended, subsidised and rewarded for doing so! (problem #1) there is going to be a LOT MORE STARVING PEOPLE unless we deal with #1 – which will STILL “leave a lot of starving people” even if immediately, strongly restricted. A lot worse if we don’t.

Problem #7Deceipt and Violence

Australians can tell straight away when our politicians are lying – Their lips move!

Politicians are interested in themselves and their power to have mastery over other people and things. Ditto “masters of religion” - also called “Ministers”

Passing on a deceipt they received …. This “is not lying” … but “is not truth” either. Government ministers and religious ministers believe they are holier than “others” such as scientists and engineers, and usually prefer to accept a stupid idea from a clan member than a logical one that they don’t understand, don’t want to hear or believe from these “unblessed” rabble of lesser persons. They employ violent solutions at arms length.


1) WAKE UP … to each problem, in time enough to fix or run away from the problem (“Fight or Flight”)

2) REALISE there are global problems that we ALL contribute to, and that we must be keen to share in the solutions, deserve, but don’t expect praise

3) UNDERSTAND what the problems are, their importance, and what we can do to rectify or even profit from

...continued on Overpopulation